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I received an e-mail from a person named Cate Newton who had recently worked on a collection of math resources as a project for her company.  Many of these sites are sites that I’ve used before or have linked on my school website.  I thought it would be worth sharing here for EACTM.  We had a doctoral student from Auburn University share a lot of sites about 3 years ago at our annual spring conference.  I really like this site,, because of the great descriptions.  Check it out.  I also post this link on our links webpage.


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I read an interesting article today in “Significance” Magazine.  It is a world wide program to promote student use of statistics.  The UK started the pilot program in 2010 .  The website is used to promote statistical analysis by students that are interesting such as are heights different from students in the USA and UK?  How do students my own age go to school in different areas.  If you would like to read more about this event, go to .

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I hope everyone is staying warm and free from sicknesses!  My family has battled the flu, strep throat, pink eye, and the stomach flu recently as well as a husband with an injury on the job.  2011 sure has started with a BANG to the Mann household!

A big SHOUT OUT to these teachers who invited me to their classrooms in January!  

ü  Smiths intermediate, 6th grade, PD session on unpacking the 3rd quarter standards

ü  Opelika Middle, 6th grade, 2 PD’s on Stretching and Shrinking & Graphing Calculators

ü  Shayla Pustay, 6th grade Holtville Middle

ü  Deborah Mason, 3rd and 4th Gifted at Tallassee Elementary

AMSTI had a big training on January 3rd which included 6th and 7th grade year 1 math. Welcome to our newest AMSTI math teachers: Zelisha Storrs of Eclectic Middle, Shayla Pustay of Holtville Middle, Sarah Ann Wilkes of Sanford Middle, Adam Elder and Brad Estes of Opelika Middle, Rachel Climer of Councill Middle, Jamie Floyd of Drake Middle, Jenna Griggs of Russell County Middle, Katie Higginbotham of WF Burns Middle, and Jessica Neff of Wetumpka Middle.  Huge THANKS to 2 awesome trainers: Ann Stuedeman and Bob Cloud! 

Here are 4 more ideas to help spark your creative, mathematical juices!!!!!!  

Remember to check out this website for awesome games from NCTM.

February Idea #1: Technology

Valentine’s Day Graphing Calculator Activity

 Practice 4 quadrant graphing using graph paper and the graphing calculator with these coordinates that will make a heart.

February Idea #2:  Daily Data

Valentine Postcard Glyph

with data sheet

February Idea #3: Statistics and President’s Day 

      Presidential Inquiry         


Topics of Focus :

– Box and Whisker Plot

– Mean, Median, Mode

– Stem and Leaf

– Histogram

Student will use US President Data to complete “He Entered a Young Man”, “Oval Office Analysis” and “Presidential Inquiry”.



February Idea #4: Linear Equations

Using a TI-73 to see Tables, Graphs, and Equations

v  Slope Exploration

v  Finding equation of line passing through 2 points

v  Y=mx+b

v  Standard Form of linear equations

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Free Webinar

Tuesday, February 15  4-5 pm EST

OR      Wed. Feb 16     7-8 pm EST

Click these websites to register for either webinar.

Slices of Pi

Presented by Andres Marti

Get ready for Pi Day (March 14) by doing Sketchpad activities that explore circles and use dynamic approaches to reveal the value of pi.

In this webinar, we will:

  plot geometric measurements to derive the circumference-to-  diameter ratio, then slice up a circle to derive the area formula

  explore simple animations that unexpectedly reveal pi

  investigate inscribed polygons, equations of circles, and the  relationship between circles and ellipses.

You can get one hour of PD credit for attending this webinar!

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I’m looking forward to competing in an upcoming bike race in Auburn, AL on February 19.  This is the 4th annual event to help support a summer a program that benefits students with disabilities in the city.  The program is held every summer at Drake Middle School.  The donation to participate in the event is $20 if you sign up before February 11.  It’s $25 for any day after this you sign up. Participants will be given a free long sleeve t-shirt.  Here is the site that gives more information and link to online registration.

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I have been using an awesome site called the last 3-4 years.  If your school has a computer lab where each student can use a computer, students can help build and retain knowledge through technology.  There are awesome activities for students that have small quiz assessments after each activity so you can monitor each students performance.  There are nice print out activities for each gizmo to help guide your class.  The site also offers a wide range of topics from pre-calculus to elementary grades.  Even if you don’t have an account you can use the gizmos for 5 minutes, but the assessments aren’t available.  You could use this for class demonstrations if you have a displaying agent.

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