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SACTM Symposium   Leave a comment

I would like to let you know that we are planning our annual South Alabama Math Symposium (SAMS) conference.  It will be on July 14, 2011 from 8:00 – 3:00 at Spanish Fort High School in Baldwin County.  It’s jsut off the interstate and near lots of shops and restaurants.  We welcome our math friends from the east.  The conference will have multiple sessions to choose from each hour.  It’s free, and we hope to have a free lunch, as well.  You do have to register ahead of time by contacting me or one of our officers of the South Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SACTM).
Have a mathtastic day!
Gary Kubina
Mobile, AL
Retired math teacher
Math consultant


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Teacher to Teacher at Columbus State University   Leave a comment

The Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative is hosting a Teacher to Teacher Conference for middle grades and high school teachers on April 15-16.  We would welcome teahchers from East Alabama.  I’ve attached a flyer and would appreciate it if you could distribute to East Alabama Teachers of Mathematics members.  There is no cost for the conference this year.

Informational flyer:  Teacher to Teacher Conference CSU.

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EACTM Annual Spring Conference   Leave a comment

Save the Date

 “Common Core:    Same Apple, Different Color”

Thursday, April 28th   5-7 pm

West Forest Intermediate School

2801 Waverly Parkway

Opelika, Alabama

  • Focus on the Common Core State Standards as adopted by Alabama
  • Door Prizes
  • Opportunity to join EACTM –

East Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics

$5 registration fee (meal included)

  • Opportunity to earn Professional Development hours
  • Invite your colleagues to attend

Look for pre-registration information shortly

Any questions please contact Lisa Ross,

Click for the printable informational flyer: Save the Date Final.  Distribute to your co-workers.

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March – Kristy Mann   Leave a comment

A big SHOUT OUT to these teachers who invited me to their classrooms in February!  

ü  Patricia White at Wetumpka Middle (Monster activity for cooperative learning)

ü  Krystal Payne at Southside Middle (4 quadrant graphing with TI-73) (Mystery date was Feb. 11, Krystal won the prize!)

ü  Yvette Robbins at Merritt Elementary (CBRs- Match the graph)

ü  Sarah Ann Wilkes at Sanford Middle (How Likely Is It? Investigation 1.1)

ü  Brad Estes at Opelika Middle (Slope exploration with TI-73)

AMSTI had another day of training for the 6th and 7th grade math teachers that are new to AMSTI on February 9.  Big thanks to Ann and Bob!!!!  In February, I visited several schools checking to see if you guys needed any materials or help and just to say HI! I also participated in a NASA webinar to begin the process of writing high school math investigations to enhance physics curriculum. 

We are gearing up for a summer training to be offered to new to AMSTI Grades 9-12 teachers on July 11-18! Email Laura Walker at if you’d like to attend and have not gotten any information yet.

Here are 4 more ideas to help spark your creative, mathematical juices!!!!!!  

Remember to check out this website for awesome games from NCTM.

March Idea #1:


March 14

Celebrate Pi Day with lots of fun activities!

(Many teachers celebrate on a day other than March 14, since most will be on spring break.)

March Idea #2:  

WEBSITES     Lots of cool ideas for K-12 math

Math puzzles by subject (Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II with Trig, and Pre-calculus)

                        March Idea #3:



Check out this handout for making a shamrock on graph paper or the graphing calculator. Uses plotting points to the ½ marks like (12.5, 4.5).

Transition into transformations with the shamrock or use the FISH handouts to explore transformations. 



March Idea #4:

Data Analysis and Probability

  1. Robin, the top scorer on the high school basketball team, shoots 20 times per game and makes 60 percent of these shots. What is the probability that Robin will make 6 shots in a row in a given game? Check out this handout that leads student to simulate probability using the TI-73 graphing calculator.
  2. Shamrock Mobile Glyph: Students answer some “green” survey questions, cut out a circle with a shamrock in the middle, and use crepe-paper streamers attached to the circle to create a holiday mobile. With a partner, they explore probability using fractions, decimals, and percents.


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