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Congratulations April Harris   Leave a comment

April Harris from Auburn Junior High School won an outstanding prize from TI Instruments last night at the EACTM conference.  It was a TI Inspire Calculator with the latest software updates and TI teacher software.  Congratulations April and thanks for attending the conference.


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I just completed a lesson with my 1st period class on the cardinality of the intersection of sets.  This is not something in my course of study, but I thought it would be a great activity for a day when many of my kids were on a field trip.  It was amazing how well a student in my 7th grade class did.  She represented the cardinality accurately for two sets and three with no prior experience with sets besides yesterdays lesson involving intersections, unions, and subtraction.  I challenged her to show me the equation for the cardinality of the intersection of 4 sets in attempt for her to find a pattern in these formulas.  I love it when kids climb farther than what I anticipate.

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I’ve recently learned about a new program that is almost equivalent to geometer sketchpad.  It’s free and web installable.  Here is a link to the site:

ROBO Camp Summer 2011 (Ages 10-18)   Leave a comment

 Registration is now open for Summer 2011 ROBO CAMP, a program developed by Auburn’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering to reinforce computer literacy, while introducing advanced concepts and hands-on applications of computer programming and robotics.

 Students assigned individual tasks and work together in teams to complete assignments. Carnegie Mellon University Alice Programming System, Microsoft Kodu programming environment, Lego Mindstorms NXT, and Lego Tetrix robots, Carnegie Mellon University RobotC, Google Apps Inventor and Android phone  will be used to teach concepts of robotics and computer programming.

 Developed by AU’s Computer Science and Software Engineering Department, directed by Dr. Daniela Marghitu and taught by graduate students from the department.

 Schedule (Shelby Center, Lab 2205)


 June 4th and June 11th

 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


 June 7th and June 14th   

 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


 June 9th and June 16th  

 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Register on-line at:

The cost for the classes is $170 and registration is limited. Each student will receive a graduation gift from the Robo Camp partners.

Pearson and Access computing scholarships are available for girls and students with special needs.

Textbooks, headphones and flash drives will be provided for students’

use in the labs.When registering your child, please contact us about any disability needs he/she has that will impact their participation in the camp.

If special accommodations are needed for this event, please contact the Program for Students with Disabilities, at (334) 844-2096, no later than

2 weeks prior to the event.

Questions? Daniela Marghitu, 334.844.6386, Daniela.Marghitu@auburn.edU

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A big SHOUT OUT to these teachers who invited me to their classrooms in March! 

Kelli Watkins, Wacoochee Jr  ,Wind Racer Zelisha Storrs and Joanne Wells, Eclectic Middle, Candy Maker Lesson:

an exploration in area and perimeter

Jamie Floyd, Drake Middle, Observing ARMT Review GiGi Morris, Millbrook Middle Junior, CBRs: Match the Graph

 Check out this website for the 2010 Math Course of Study (Common Core included).   

We are gearing up for a summer training to be offered for AMSTI Grades

9-12 (this would include 8th grade who teaches Algebra 1 and would like AMSTI training in Algebra)  teachers on July 11-18! Email Laura Walker at if you’d like to attend and have not gotten any information yet.

 Thanks to all of you who have sent in materials requests! Graph paper, batteries, and the like are on their way to your classroom now! If you still need anything from your kit refurbished to finish out the school year, please let me know.

Here are 4 more ideas to help spark your creative, mathematical juices!!!!!! 

Let me know how I can help you!!!



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