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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is focused on initiatives to help support mathematics teachers as they prepare to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). As members of your Affiliate look for effective ways to implement and assess CCSSM in their schools, I want to share several upcoming NCTM events so that you can publicize these opportunities to your membership through your website, newsletter, or e-mail blasts.

“Cutting to the ‘Common Core’ in Mathematics” is a series of interactive institutes for elementary, middle, and high school educators—as well as school leaders. All the institutes will take place February 14–15, 2014, in Orlando Florida.

Through these targeted professional development opportunities, teachers of pre-K–grade 5, grades 6–8, and grades 9–12 will—

  • understand the progression of the mathematics content in the Common Core State Standards within and across their grade band of focus;
  • increase their knowledge of mathematics content related to the Common Core domains within their selected grade band;
  • identify instructional strategies that develop the habits of mind espoused for students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice;
  • participate in activities that model formative assessment and appropriate pedagogy promoted in the Common Core State Standards;
  • engage in activities related to task selection, development, and implementation linked to the CCSSM content and practice standards.

Through our institute for school leaders, principals and school administrators will focus on the school leader’s role in promoting students’ attainment of the mathematics content and practices in CCSSM as well as the effective, research-informed leadership actions necessary to support teachers in making these shifts in their practice. This institute will help school leaders to—

  • understand CCSSM expectations for students and for teachers;
  • identify gaps between current curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices and those that implement and support CCSSM;
  • examine formative and summative protocols for assessing student understanding, including the PARCC and SBAC assessments.

We very much appreciate your help in sharing information about these institutes with your members, and to facilitate your efforts to assist us, we have provided resources you can use to disseminate information. Visit Affiliate resources online to download camera-ready ads for use in your newsletter, Web banners for your website, and sample wording for your use in your e-mail communications. Visit for more information about the institutes.

Please also remind your members to register for the NCTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 9–12, 2014. Over 700 sessions, workshops, and “burst” presentations will offer participants a menu of topics, including CCSSM; effective instructional practice, lesson ideas, and assessment; response to intervention; research; number and operations; and technology. Promotional materials for the Annual Meeting & Exposition are also available at Affiliate resources, and 2014 Annual Meeting previews will be available after January 1. Visit for more information about the Annual Meeting.

Best wishes,

Linda Gojak
President, NCTM





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