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DOK 2015 conference

Mark the Date:

  • Investigating Depths of Knowledge (IDK?)
  • Date: April 20
  • Time: 5pm – 7pm
  • Location: Opelika High School
  • Cost: $5.00 EACTM membership dues, attendance to conference, and pizza supper
  • Go to to pre-register and pay for this event to save time at registration

Call for Proposals to IDK? should highlight the depths of knowledge levels that are incorporated in a mathematical investigation that incorporates mathematical practice and content standards in the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards.  The depths of knowledge should be correlated with Norman Webb’s research:  Level 1 (Recall), Level 2 (Skill/Concept), Level 3 (Strategic Thinking), and Level 4 (Extended Thinking).  Session presenters will all be given equal gifts for their service to the greater mathematical community. Deadline for proposals is March 1. Go to to submit your proposal.

Free articles that may help you know what EACTM is looking for in presentations: Webb’s DOK and mathematics Research that coded math problems using DOK. Webb’s DOK for four different content areas

Basil Conway IV

EACTM Membership Chair


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Education Association Statistics from MAA   Leave a comment



Was reviewing some data the other night from MAA and found these interesting tidbits concerning Mathematics Education Associations.

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