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Dear NCTM Affiliate President or Faculty Advisor,

I am reaching out to you as a member of MET, the Mathematics Education Trust of NCTM.  I want to bring to your attention the many grants and scholarships available with hopes that you will share this information with your members and organization. MET annually awards more than $150,000 to teachers, schools, and organizations through more than 30 different grants addressing a range of needs such as professional development, coursework, research, and conference attendance.  The current round of funding begins February 1 and will close May 1.

Knowing that attachments can be problematic, I will follow this email with a second email that will have the following attachments: 

#1 – A complete list of grants and scholarships and awards to distribute electronically or in person.  This double-sided handout has a mountain of information about MET grants for your members and organization!

#2 – Announcements (ads) to place in any print or electronic communication with membership 

#3 – A powerpoint slide which can be used as needed during meetings or conferences 

#4 – A sign for use at a conference booth to encourage participants to talk to you about grants and pick up the handout noted above (#1).

Our website has additional information you might find useful. 

If you do not receive the second email with attachments, please contact me.

Also, if you are no longer the current affiliate president or faculty advisor, please forward the two emails to the current president or advisor. 

Laurie Boswell

MET Board Member




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