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Is AMSTI the key? Perhaps!   Leave a comment

A recent report on a large initative in Alabama has shown signficant increases in student scores by an indepedent research group.  I have had the privledge of being a part of this iniative with Auburn City Schools and found it to be great for students and teachers alike.  Not only does the initiative take time to train teachers, but it aides in providing supplies that teachers need to teach inquiry based learning.  A short report of the study highlighting impacts can be found at


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From the President (Brain POP)   Leave a comment

Dear Math and Science Leaders:

 BrainPOP is an online resource that you might be able to utilize in your instruction.  BrainPOP has resources for several subject (science, math, social studies, language arts) in the form of videos, games, and assessments.  

We would like to get feedback no later than Jan. 20th. 

You can find the Username and Password by e-maling Pam below.

BTW there are also Webinars on many topics:    The first one listed is about STEM Video Game Challenge with BraninPOP and Gamestar Mechanic.  This takes teachers through the process of working with students as they design their own games, harnessing and strengthening their STEM skills in the process.

 Responses can be sent to: Pam Norris @

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Set Theory   Leave a comment

(Picture from wiki)

I just completed a lesson with my 1st period class on the cardinality of the intersection of sets.  This is not something in my course of study, but I thought it would be a great activity for a day when many of my kids were on a field trip.  It was amazing how well a student in my 7th grade class did.  She represented the cardinality accurately for two sets and three with no prior experience with sets besides yesterdays lesson involving intersections, unions, and subtraction.  I challenged her to show me the equation for the cardinality of the intersection of 4 sets in attempt for her to find a pattern in these formulas.  I love it when kids climb farther than what I anticipate.

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Geogebra   Leave a comment

I’ve recently learned about a new program that is almost equivalent to geometer sketchpad.  It’s free and web installable.  Here is a link to the site:   Leave a comment

I have been using an awesome site called the last 3-4 years.  If your school has a computer lab where each student can use a computer, students can help build and retain knowledge through technology.  There are awesome activities for students that have small quiz assessments after each activity so you can monitor each students performance.  There are nice print out activities for each gizmo to help guide your class.  The site also offers a wide range of topics from pre-calculus to elementary grades.  Even if you don’t have an account you can use the gizmos for 5 minutes, but the assessments aren’t available.  You could use this for class demonstrations if you have a displaying agent.

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