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ACTM’s virtual math conference is February 22-25, 2021.  The concurrent sessions will run 4:00-5:00 each day with the ACTM business meeting on Thursday, February 25, at 5:00.  The conference will be free for all current ACTM members. Here is the program: United Through Distance – Virtual Live Conference Program.pdf

If your ACTM membership is not current, please visit the ACTM membership page here to renew your membership to be able to register for free. 

Registration for members has began and remain open through the end of the virtual conference week. Please use the attached link to register for the conference here.  Registrants will receive an email each day of the conference 1-hour (3pm) before the start of the daily sessions.  We look forward to learning together soon! 

**Remember to be logged into your profile on the ACTM website when trying to renew and/or register.

For full information, visit the ACTM homepage here.

Thank you,

The ACTM Executive Board

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Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice
We are seeking teachers who may be able to implement and/or review mathematics lessons in the context of social injustice that have been submitted for the forthcoming books. If you are interested, please complete the form linked below.

For PreK-2:
For Gr. 3-5:
For Gr. 6-8:

THANK YOU! from the editing team: Tonya Bartell, Robert Berry, Basil Conway, Mathew Felton-Koestler, Lateefah Id-Deen, Courtney Koestler, Brian R. Lawler, Mary Candace Raygoza, Amanda Ruiz, John W. Staley, Eva Thanheiser, Jennifer Ward, Cathery Yeh, & Maria del Rosario Zavala

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Dear Colleagues,

We are planning a Zoom group discussion on Thursday, February 4 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Our special guest will be Allan Rossman who will be talking about the importance of ‘Asking Good Questions: Why waste words?’ These three words are the take-home message. In fact, those three words comprise Allan’s entire teaching philosophy and his advice for effective teaching. This presentation will take longer than three seconds because he will provide two examples that connect statistics and probability to other aspects of a secondary mathematics curriculum. The Q&A session will allow for consideration of competing viewpoints, in case anyone wants to argue in favor of asking bad questions or not asking questions at all.  🙂  We are excited to have Allan, a former AP Statistics Chief Reader join us.

We are going to use the Zoom registration for the RSVP for this meet-up.  Please click on the link below to register and Zoom will automatically send you the access info.

Recordings of previous K-12 Statistics Meet-ups are available at




Christine Franklin, ASA K-12 Statistical Ambassador (

Roxy Peck, Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo

Donna LaLonde, ASA Director of Strategic Initiatives & Outreach

Rebecca Nichols, ASA K-16 Education Coordinator

Free K-12 Statistics Education Resources:
Statistics Teacher: Statistics Teacher

K-12 Educators (

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NCTM 2020 Virtual Conference
During this very different time in education, NCTM is committed to bringing the math community together for engaging content that will help transform the learning and teaching of mathematics. Join your colleagues for the NCTM 2020 Virtual Conference November 11–14 and share in the excitement and love of math! Opportunities will be provided for networking, small chat rooms, discussions with exhibitors, and much more. Register now!
NCTM 100 Days of Professional Learning Access to Recordings
The 100 Day of Professional Learning has ended, but members still have access to the recordings from our dynamic and exciting sessions from the past 100 days. To access these recordings, visit
Advocating for Change: Leading with Courageous Conversations
The NCTM Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC) is excited to offer the 2021 NCTM Leadership Conference in New Orleans July 26–28. This year’s themes of leadership, advocacy, equity, and access will drive a conference that supports your Affiliate’s ability to grow and serve membership through leadership and vision. With time for planning and Catalyzing Change as an anchor resource, next summer’s conference once again offers rich learning and collaboration among the diverse leaders of NCTM’s Affiliates. Come with ideas and leave with a supported action plan to address your Affiliate-specific issues, so you will be ready, for action during the 2021–2022 school year. We enjoyed seeing you online for the 2020 Virtual Leadership Conference and cannot wait to see you in person during summer 2021.
NCTM Resources for Affiliates
Have you seen the NCTM Affiliates resource page? You can find information, forms, and announcements specific to NCTM Affiliates. Affiliates have contacted us recently with questions that are answered on the NCTM Legal and Tax Information page. You may also consider reviewing the NCTM Affiliate Relations Guide to familiarize yourself with guidelines, policies, services and benefits for NCTM Affiliates. From the guide, you can learn about the NCTM Leadership Circle, NCTM Affiliate Book Commission (ABC) program, and grants available to Affiliates. As always, be sure to reach out to your MARC representative if you have any questions or need assistance with your Affiliate. See the 2020–2021 roster for the MARC member in your region!
NCTM Grants for Affiliates
Fewer than six months remain until many grant applications are due. Although the grant proposal is not due until May 1, 2021, you can begin now to plan for how your Affiliate could benefit from this award. You can find more information on the NCTM Affiliate Resources page. Grant amounts range from $2,000 up to $3,500 to help support great work you are doing for your members. If your leadership team is too busy with teaching or coaching, consider asking a faculty member at a nearby college or university or a connection within your state department of education to write a grant with you. NCTM is committed to ensuring that Affiliates have financial support for their innovative ideas. Be sure to use the NCTM strategic framework as you plan and write a grant proposal.
Affiliate Annual Report
Have you submitted your annual report? NCTM Affiliate presidents should submit an annual report to NCTM either the month before their term ends or on the anniversary of their term. Reports may be submitted electronically or as a hard copy. Please visit for the necessary forms and downloads. This report updates NCTM records but also provides information about the accomplishments and strengths of your Affiliate as well as challenges you are facing. This report provides wonderful information for how NCTM can support its Affiliates. Reminder: Be sure that your Affiliate remains in good standing with NCTM.
Share Your Events
Did you know you could post your Affiliate’s conference information on the NCTM Affiliate CalendarSubmit your event to have information about your NCTM Affiliate conference posted.
MARC would like to showcase your Affiliate’s great works from the last six months. Maybe you have had a successful workshop or social gathering for your members, or you have targeted a specific membership group, such as elementary school teachers. Maybe you have streamlined your remote meeting processes or had a successful virtual conference. Whatever you have been working on, and no matter how small your success, we would love to hear about it! Please use this form to enter any ideas, events, or activities that your Affiliate has worked on—and keep an eye on this newsletter so we can celebrate YOU!

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,I hope this message finds you as well as possible in these difficult times.   I’m writing about something that gives me hope: the magnificent cast of #ownvoices authors and illustrators behind our Storytelling Math books. Together, we strive to change views of who is a mathematical thinker and to engage families in reading rich mathematical stories. These authors will be featured in a set of e-panels on Oct 24. We’d love for you to attend; please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.  You can come for as much of the afternoon as you wish: the entire thing is free.

The Voices Behind Storytelling Math Join us on October 24th from 1 pm to 5 pm EST to celebrate
math, diversity, and the power of story. 
Storytelling Math books combine joyful stories, characters of color, and rich math to empower young children.
Developed by Charlesbridge in partnership with TERC and
the Heising-Simons Foundation. Hosted by Executive Editor Alyssa Mito Pusey and
Senior Scientist Marlene Kliman from TERC. This event features amazing authors from the series, including Caldecott Honoree Grace LinJaNay Brown-Wood, and Rajani LaRocca. Expert speakers include Dr. Krista Aronson from the Diverse BookFinder, Vera Ahiyya aka The Tutu Teacher, and Julie Roach from the Cambridge Public Library.  We’ll explore the ideas behind the series, the importance of representation in math picture books, and connections between math and culture.  
The event schedule is below.  Register here: The event will screen on Charlesbridge Youtube:    

SCHEDULE:  October 24, EST 1:00 pm – Opening speakers   Alyssa Mito Pusey, Charlesbridge Executive Editor Liz Simons, Heising-Simons Foundation Kim Brenneman, Heising-Simons Foundation Grace LinAuthor 1:15 pm – Panel: The Story of Storytelling Math Development of Storytelling Math: how we are creating this groundbreaking series Speakers: Alyssa Mito Pusey, Jon Simeon, Marlene Kliman, Grace Lin Moderated by Hanna Lafferty from Charlesbridge 2:05 pm – Panel: Representation in Children’s  Literature  The state of diversity in children’s literature  Speakers: Art Coulson, JaNay Brown-Wood, Jenny Lacika, Amitha Jagannath Knight Moderated by Krista Aronson from the Diverse BookFinder 2:50 pm –Bank Street Book Fest Storytelling Math video with Grace Lin, Alyssa Mito Pusey, and Marlene Kliman 3:05 pm – Panel: Representation in Early Math for Schools and Libraries The importance of representation in math  Speakers: Julie Roach, Vera Ahiyya Moderated by Marlene Kliman from TERC  3:50 pm – Panel: #ownvoices in Children’s Math Stories    The role of #ownvoices and culture in math stories Speakers: Natasha Yim, Ana Crespo, Rajani LaRocca Moderated by Karen Boss from Charlesbridge 4:45 pm –  Closing remarks Preview of next books in the series, Alyssa Mito Pusey Final words from Kim Brenneman  Learn more about Storytelling Math:

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East Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics (EACTM) held the Envision 2020 Conference September 14, 2020. Below you will find the panel discussion with questions coming from teachers and stakeholders of East Alabama.

EACTM Envision 2020 Part I

EACTM Envsion 2020 Part II

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Attached are two more webinars on teaching math during the pandemic,
from international perspectives. The one on July 16 is from Israel, and
the one on July 23 is from Chile.

These webinars are sponsored by the US National Commission on
Mathematics Instruction (USNC/MI)

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Some of the premier writers and thinkers on equity, social justice, and diversity having a free virtual conference. Register at

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Join these chats by going to the Amidon Planet Facebook page and joining the stream there at 4PM ET on 7/2. You can also go there now and click the “Get Reminder” button. Also – there’s a code from for 30% (30FOR30) off the book’s price and free shipping (!

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We are excited to present this year’s conference:

EACTM's 2020 (1).png

This year’s conference will begin with an opportunity for teachers to ask questions from the Alabama Course of Study writing team. An email will be sent out to collect questions for the panelists. The panelists will represent the entire K12 curriculum, so all levels of mathematics teachers are encouraged to attend. After the panel, we will hold a brief EACTM business meeting along with a pizza supper which will be paid for by the conference fees and EACTM membership dues. After the meeting and supper, panelists and other presenters will present sessions related to the newest version of the Alabama Course of Study. We hope you will make plans to attend. Also, please pre-register and pre-pay to help us make plans for your attendance and make your arrival and progression to the meeting as smooth as possible. Questions for panelists are being collected here:

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