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EACTM Officers Meeting 12/16/2019

Potential Dates: April 20 or 21

Potential Location: Auburn High School–email sent from Basil to Nancee Garcia

Topic: New AL Course of Study
Panel Discussion

Dinner & Meeting 

Breakout Session

Email sent from Basil to some COS writing team members to see if interested in participating in the panel 

Door Prizes:

Beth Hickman said that AMSTI might have some items that we could use as door prizes for the conference.  

Financial Update

We currently have $36.50 in our account. 

Conference Info

Dues include Membership, Food, Conference Fees

$5 per person if 5 or more registered

$8 per person to prepay via PayPal

$10 per person at the door

To do list:

Denise will send emails to all the contacts. Call for proposals, invites, etc. 

Taylor: Forward info to Faulkner COE to see if they have an interest in attending.



EACTM Officers Meeting 5/12/15

The major topic of discussion was “What did or did not go well with Spring Conference?

  • PayPal was very helpful for those who pre-registered.
  • Gift Certificates were problematic since it created a money issue. The money going out was greater than the money coming in.

Things to note before next spring conference

  • Pre-Registration is from 4:45-5:00. All sessions will begin at 5:00.
  • There will be an increase in registration fees. It will be broken down as follows:
    • EACTM Membership is $5.00 per year.
    • Spring Conference fee is $5.00 per person.
  • If a person pre-registers on PayPal or if a school sends a group of 5 or more, the conference fee is discounted to $3.00 per person.
Conference Fees Individual Group (5 or more)
Pre-registers $8 $8
Registers at the door $10 $8


How do we recruit presenters for Spring Conference?

  • Contact Districts? Who would be a good presenter from your school or district on this topic?
  • Get a district buy-in on conference theme. How could our conference best serve your district?
  • Work backwards on the timeline for proposals. Choose date for conference, choose date to send out flyer, choose early deadline for proposals, and choose date for proposal call.

Possible dates discussed for Spring Conference: February 2 & February 9. Barbara was going to contact OHS to see if dates were available.


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